About me

I have been a chemistry educator for the past 16 years. Currently, I am pursuing my Joint Masters in Science Communication with the Australian National University and the National University of Singapore. 

Why science communication? I suppose I feel the urgent need to communicate science in an accessible and engaging way to my students. I believe in laying a strong foundation and a love for science in our education system. Only when we have fun in learning science together will it be possible for us to talk the language of science. To begin their arduous process, a strong foundation motivated by a love of science and guided by sound ethical considerations, is key.

I find the video clip by Professor Brian Green on the importance of science education (Source: youtube video) particularly motivating, especially during challenging moments in my teaching career. Science is a discipline that involves many ethical considerations. Ever since my undergraduate years, I have found the questions raised in the movie “Lorenzo’s Oil” particularly thought provoking. Till today, it still remains as a discussion topic in my classes. It is an excellent way to communicate the importance of having not just the aptitude but the right attitude for science.

To dear fellow teachers, I have saved some articles that are useful for K-12 classrooms in my delicious library.  For a start, click on the myelin project (Source: The Myelin Project) swf file if you need to illustrate the concept of biosynthesis or competitive inhibition in your teaching. It is definitely a more meaningful way of teaching some very technical concepts.

As part of the requirement of my Joint Masters in Science Communication, I aim to study the effect of using the interdisciplinary approach to the learning of organic chemistry to achieve student engagement. I have deliberately chosen the theme “Fragrance” which is sufficiently broad for incorporating the sciences and humanities. 

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