Oldest Perfumes Found on”Aphrodite’s Island”

Have you ever wondered where and how perfumes originated? Scientists have found the oldest perfumes on “Aphrodite’s Island”! Check this out from the National Geographic News. Archaeologists discovered perfumes that are more than 4,000 years old! This discovery literally transports us back to ancient civilization where people experimented with the use of natural ingredients to enhance their body or their environment! Excavation leader, Dr Maria Rosaria Belgiorno mentioned that “we have lost the real world of natural fragrances because most of the perfumes of today are chemical reproductions of the natural fragracnes and scents“. 

Do you think there are issues related to using natural fragracnes in modern perfume production? 

By analyzing and re-creating these fragrances, scientists begin to understand what fragrances were preferred during that period of time . This is just one of the many ways in which science helps us to reconcile the mysteries of the past.

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